Donovan: Malloy Supportive of Minimum Wage Increase

Earlier this week when Democratic state lawmakers, led by Speaker of the House Chris Donovan, pitched the idea of increasing the state’s minimum wage, Gov. Malloy was lukewarm to the idea at best, saying he would reserve judgment. Donovan now says he has reached out to the governor and Malloy is “generally supportive” of the idea. Donovan made the comments at the taping of FOX-Connecticut’s The Real Story. I co-hosted the show with Laurie Perez and I asked about the governor’s support for the minimum wage hike. Sen. Rob Kane (R-Watertown spoke against the increase saying it would hurt business.

Donovan’s proposal is raise to raise the minimum wage from the current $8.25 an hour to $9.00 this year and then to $9.75 next year. From there, the wage would be indexed to the cost of living and would increase accordingly.

Originally, the governor was a bit stand-offish on the idea saying, “I’m not slamming any doors. I’m not saying ‘No’ but I’ll watch the debate and perhaps reach a conclusion subsequently,” he said. Malloy is said to be concerned how the increase would affect a business climate that just last year saw the implementation of the mandate of paid sick leave.


The Real Story can be seen on FOX-Connecticut at 6:30 Sunday morning or online.