Gov. Malloy Scores Big on National Issues as Guest on “Morning Joe”

The 2012 session of the Connecticut General Assembly starts tomorrow but Gov. Dannel Malloy spent Monday morning as a live, in-studio guest on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” show. The Shad is a big fan of the show, on the same network on which Malloy called US Rep. and Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul “an idiot.”


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The take-aways from Malloy’s latest demonstration of interest in national office:
1. Malloy scored an impressive nine and a half minutes on the show—a lifetime in television. Producers and hosts of the show obviously like him as a guest. Being in studio is huge as well.
2. Malloy was excellent. Insightful, prepared and sharp, he came off as a very capable leader. He could, however, try even more to get rid of some of his “uh-uh-uhs” while answering questions. But he’s much better than he used to be. Also, he needs some “TV tips”–like sit on your coat so you have a ncie “line.”
3. The governor should be very careful about sharing a stage with Al Sharpton. The reverend is an MSNBC “contributor” but even a cursorily look at Sharpton’s background and record show him to be a fraud and a character assassin. Stay away, gov. Even most Democrats don’t associate with him.
4. The thought here is that Malloy makes his move for higher office—probably president—in 2016. I first wrote about this back in September.