Boston Globe Calls Out UConn Hoops for Graduation Rate Waiver Request

Calling the UConn basketball program the “worst offender” as far as pathetic graduation rates of its players, New England’s most-read newspaper is hammering UConn in an editorial.

The Boston Globe editorializes that the NCAA should not grant a waiver to UConn that would allow them to play in the March Madness Tournament in 2013. An initial request to waive the penalties for poor graduation rates was denied but the NCAA rules committee considered changing the provision of the rule to let teams catch up quickly. A 50-percent rate is required. “…The recently enacted rules look back at four consecutive classes of freshmen receiving athletic scholarships and take account of whether they graduated within six years. By this standard, UConn is at only 25 percent, a truly sad number,” The Globe writes.

See the entire editorial here.