Senate Dems to Amend Death Penalty Repeal Bill to Include Tougher Life-in-Prison-Without-Parole Conditions

As the state Senate gets ready to vote today on a repeal of Connecticut’s death penalty, leaders and the Malloy administration will announce this morning an amendment to the repeal bill that imposes tougher prison conditions for those sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

As part of the measures to garner the votes to approve the repeal, tougher prison conditions needed to be part of the bill. The life sentence would replace the death penalty.

The decision to impose tougher conditions came after senators toured the MacDougall-Walker Correctional Facility in Suffield. MacDougall came into being in 2001 and as such, is a more modern facility than the Northern prison in Somers where death row inmates are held.

State Senate President Don Williams says he expects the repeal bill to pass “by a decent margin.”