Will ‘Whacky Whitnum’ Steal the Headlines Again Today?

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The run-up to any US Senate debate usually consists of what issues will be covered, which candidate is the sharpest or best prepared, or which candidate can best represent his or her party. Unfortunately that is not the case for today’s Democratic US Senate debate. All eyes and ears will be on candidate Lee “I’m dealing with whore over here” Whitnum.

Whitnum of course, got some serious name recognition from last week’s NBC-Connecticut debate by calling frontrunner US Rep. Chris Murphy a “whore” because he supports strong ties with Israel. It was hard to tell where she directed the other insults because the other candidates were across the stage. However, from The Shad’s viewpoint from right behind the cameras, I’m pretty sure her insult of “you’re ignorant” was hurled at state Rep. William Tong (he’s anything but) and Whitnum’s charge of being “a zealot” was aimed at former Secretary of State Susan Bysiewicz.

So what will happen today? All five candidates—Murphy, Bysiewicz, Tong, Matthew Oakes and Whitnum—will go at it again today at UConn at 1 p.m. If you want to take your lunch hour to watch (I will), it will be streamed at http://www.courant.com and http://www.ctnow.com. If not, the debate will be broadcast on FOX-Connecticut at 7 p.m. The debate is being sponsored by FOX-Connecticut and the Hartford Courant.

Whitnum’s nonsense detracted from how this race is shaping up. From the last debate one could tell Murphy is framing himself as the candidate not afraid to stand up to anyone in Washington (the answer to his first question started with, “I disagree with the president…”) and as the candidate who is enacting change not just talking about it.

Bysiewicz sees herself as the true protector of the middle class and is quick to say Murphy is really just another pawn of Wall Street. Tong relies on his inspirational personal story—his parents came from nothing, ran a Chinese restaurant in Wethersfield, saved every penny and put Tong through college and law school.

The issues that didn’t involve name calling included: the timetable for bring troops home; energy, gasoline prices and Keystone pipeline; jobs; mortgage trouble; the Supreme Court’s handling of Obamacare and the consequences of it potentially being struck down and others.

We’ll see if Whitnum sticks to her anti-Israel rants and dispense with the nasty name calling. She didn’t apologize for the last round of insults so you never know.