Rowland Should Disclose the Nature of His “Paid Relationship” with Candidate’s Husband

Rowland is smart enough to keep any payment from Wilson-Foley’s camp at least at one person away. News that Rowland had a “personal business relationship” with Wilson-Foley’s husband, Brian, is the latest dribble of news to come out. Healy says Rowland acted in a “consulting capacity” for Brian Foley.

None of this would be the business of anyone but the former governor and Foley except that Rowland continues his radio show, dipping into the 5th district race while technically not talking about. Rowland gets around that by bashing Wilson-Foley’s main competitor, state Sen. Andrew Roraback. As The Hanging Shad previously pointed out, Rowland slammed Roraback for his long-standing position on the death penalty and even gave out Roraback’s cell phone number on the air.

WTIC-AM now seems to be in a box. Station officials said there is no conflict because Rowland was not being paid. First, the fact that he was notpaid directly by the campaign is not a free pass to have Rowland talk politics related to the race. It’s still unethical. Second, what do station officials think about Rowland having been paid by Wilson-Foley’s husband? Sure, it’s one person removed (just as flaming Roraback is one person away from talking about the race), but it doesn’t take a genius to see a connection.

We were first told Rowland was simply “offering advice” to Wilson-Foley. Then we find out he was doing much more than that including calling and pressuring Republican town committee members across the state to support Wilson-Foley. He also accompanies the candidate to town committee meetings. And now we know that Rowland was paid by Wilson-Foley’s husband for “consulting” work. Rowland, Healy and Wilson-Foley should fully disclose the nature of Rowland’s work for Wilson-Foley and the full story of his paid work for her husband. And WTIC-AM should reassess their stance on this clear conflict.