The Hanging Shad’s ‘Apropos of Nothing’

It’s been quite awhile since I’ve done one of these, so here we go. With a nod to Boston Globe’s wonderful writer Nick Cafardo, here are some random thoughts, observations and off-beat items.

1. The Red Sox’s Kevin Youkilis got married April 19th to Tom Brady’s sister, Julie Brady. Julie Brady, of course, was the youngest Brady after Marcia, Jan and Cindy. However, Julie chose not to participate in the TV show. Also, it shines a whole new light on Bobby “I invested the sandwich wrap” Valentine saying Youk was not mentally into the game as he used to be. Of course he was distracted. He was getting married. Why wouldn’t Youk and Julie get married in the off season? Maybe it’s because they are also expecting a baby. Which leads me to wonder, when Julie delivers the baby, will the doctors and nurses chant, “Jooooooo-lie.”

2. I’m intrigued by the whole Secret Service /call girl controversy. It seems that the whole thing was uncovered because one of the accused wouldn’t pay his “date.” That makes the scandal, “I won’t pay for my ‘date’-gate.” The incredible thing is that the scandal came to light because one of the agents wouldn’t pay his call girl. She claims he agreed to pay her $800. In the morning the agent said he would give her only $35. First, have you seen this woman?

This is not a $35 woman. And as I heard a Boston radio talk show host observe, has there ever been a commodity (prostitution is legal in that part of Colombia) for which an argument ensued over its price that one side says is worth $800 and the other $35? Pay the woman. Tip the woman. And shut the hell up.

3. Mitt Romney claims that when he put his dog in a carrier on top of his care, he did so because he had seven of his kids with him and there was no room. Solution? Take two cars. Anne Romney has two Cadillac’s alone. Take two vehicles and let the dog ride inside.

4. Former Gov. John Rowland works for the Lisa Wilson-Foley congressional campaign as an unpaid advisor. As the race heated up, Rowland was being paid as a “consultant” by Wilson-Foley’s husband Brian’s Apple Rehab business. Coinwinkidink? I think not.

5. The Connecticut House of Representatives Wednesday passed a bill legalizing the medical use of marijuana. In a related story, the House’s catered lunch that day was enormous!

6. This is a reporter’s worst nightmare. Many times several takes are needed in recording a story. If there is more than one task, you at the mercy of the editors to air the right one. If not, this happens: