Rowland, Wilson-Foley Controversy Won’t Go Away Until They Come Clean

A cloud of suspicion hangs over Lisa Wilson-Foley campaign for 5th District Congress. The controversy—bordering on scandal—is basically this: Former Gov. John Rowland is working for the Wilson-Foley campaign as an “advisor.” At the same time he was working for Wilson-Foley’s husband Brian as a “consultant” for Brian Foley business Apple Rehab. To make things worse for the campaign and convicted governor, candidate Mark Green’s spokesman says Rowland offered campaign help to Greenberg and that Greenberg pay him through his nonprofit animal shelter. This doesn’t pass the smell test. Rowland and Wilson-Foley need to explain the facts immediately.

· They need to back-up their claims that Rowland working for Brian Foley’s Apple Rehab while “advising” Wilson-Foley was a “coincidence.” Yeah, right. If this claim is true, Foley should provide evidence of it—the names of the labor unions about which Rowland advised Foley. Come forward with the names of board members who saw Rowland participate in any meetings.
· Foley should answer why the contract between Apple Rehab and Rowland was executed with attorney Christian Shelton instead of with Apple Rehadbor Foley. Several Connecticut attorneys tell The Shad that this is highly unusual. The contract also settles nothing about the Rowland allegedly did for Apple Rehab. Under the “Duties” section, it merely says Rowland was to consult in “marketing, strategic advice and business consulting.” That clears everything up, right.
· Is Mark Greenberg lying? Rowland has not commented on this whole mess but candidate Mark Greenberg’s spokesman said Rowland approached Greenberg in 2010 and offered campaign help and that Greenberg pay him through the Greenberg’s nonprofit animal shelter. The folks at Duby McDowell’s The Laurel labeled this “Abandoned Puppy-gate.”
All in all, it looks bad for Rowland and Wilson Foley. If Greenberg is to be believed, Rowland proposed breaking the law. And if the same arrangement in place for Wilson-Foley, they did break the law.

Everyone in this matter should come clean. The other candidates in the race should certainly keep the heat on. This whole situation calls into question Wilson-Foley’s fitness for Congress. Of course, Rowland is no stranger to having third parties pay so it wouldn’t be noticed.