Rowland Leaves Wilson-Foley Campaign but Serious Questions Remain Such as ‘Who is Lying?’

Former Gov. John Rowland must think the controversy worthy of a “—Gate” affix will go away now that he says he is leaving his “volunteer” position with the Lisa Wilson-Foley campaign for Congress. Guess again, Gov.

The accusations in this situation are unsettling and if true, would be violations of election laws. While working as an “advisor” for Wilson-Foley, he had a “consulting” contract with a company own by Brian Foley, the candidate’s husband. The contract is very vague on just what was required of Rowland for a payment of $30,000 over six months. Brian Foley maintains that Rowland was involved in labor issues. Rowland and Foley should produce evidence to back up their claim—board members who saw Rowland at meetings; disclose which labor groups Rowland advised about; now that he has left Wilson-Foley’s campaign, will he discuss the 5th district congressional race on his radio show on WTIC-AM? Will he continue to bash fellow Republican candidate to further Wilson-Foley’s campaign?


The most damning of the accusations is that of Mark Greenberg, also a GOP candidate in the race after run unsuccessfully in 2010. Greenberg claims Rowland contacted him during the 2010 race, offering to provide campaign advice and support and be paid for the services through Greenberg’s non-profit animal shelter. Hence, my fiend Duby McDonald labeling this whole mess “abandoned puppy-gate.” Rowland claims Greenberg initiated the contact for both campaign help and assistance raising money Greenberg’s animal shelter.

What are we left with? Somebody’s lying. Should we believe Rowland (who is no stranger to having third parties pay him to avoid detection) or Greenberg who says he has proof to back his claim. Somebody’s lying. The Shad has an idea of who but I’ll defer for now.

Still pending is the complaint filed with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) by candidate Mike Clark, also a Wilson-Foley rival. Clark tells The Hanging Shad that the 2010 Greenberg race and what role Rowland had, or tried to have in the campaign is part of the FEC complaint. “These events go to a person’s judgment,” Clark said. He says he will raise the issue as the campaign goes forward.

WTIC-AM should continue to direct Rowland not to talk about the 5th district congressional campaign. Just because he isn’t “advising” Wilson-Foley, it doesn’t mean anything. Everyone knows where stands. He has absolutely no credibility left.

Your thoughts?

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