Unionizing Low-Wage Workers Heads to Gov.; Votes are There to Pass other High-Profile Bills

Now that the state Senate has passed a bill allowing workers who care for the elderly, children and the disabled to unionize, the Senate plans to take up medical marijuana, same day-voter registration and the health exchange are all bills being considered by the state Senate as the legislative session winds down. There is support for all of them and the votes are there to pass each one.

State Senate Majority Leader Marty Looney was a force behind the personal attendant bill that passed late last night. “As members of the Baby Boomer generation continue to age, this will help meet a growing need for qualified personal care attendants,” said Sen. Looney. “By passing this bill we will ensure that some of the hardest working, lowest paid members of the workforce have the opportunity to collectively bargain and standardize the requirements,” he said.

The other high- profile bills are “talkers” in Senate, meaning there will lengthy debate on each of the bills. “We still have some important bills still to be considered,” said Senate President Don Williams. Williams says there are the votes in his caucus to pass each one. It remains to be seen.

Republicans oppose most of the bills the Democratic majority will push through.