Murphy: “We’re as United as We’ve Ever Been”

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US Rep. Chris Murphy overwhelmed opponent Susan Bysiewicz to secure the endorsement of the Democratic party at its nominating convention Saturday. However. Bysiewicz won enough delegates to force an August primary which she says she certainly will do. The final tally was 76 percent for Murphy; 24 percent for Bysiewicz. The primary is August 14th.

“We’re thrilled with the outcome of the convention,” Murphy told The Hanging Shad after the final votes were in. “Susan [Bysiewicz] has been working these delegates for 20 years and I’ve been traveling the state for a year and a half so to win three to one is very encouraging.” he said. Murphy enjoyed the support of Democratic heavy hitters such as Gov. Dannel Malloy, Lt. Gov. Nancy Wyman and former candidate William Tong who dropped out the race. Malloy officially nominated Murphy.

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Bysiewicz is living up to her reputation of being a tenacious candidate and promises to push on with the campaign. After the vote Bysiewicz told the Hartford courant, “This race is about who can best stand up for working people in our state, and I am delighted to be able to take the conversation beyond just this auditorium to the 7000,000-plus Democrats in the state who will have the opportunity to decide which of us would better advocate for them.”