Donovan Will Face Esty, Roberti in Democratic Primary for 5th District Congress

The convention at which Democrats endorsed a candidate for Congress from the state’s 5th district went pretty much according to the script. State Speaker of the House Chris Donovan secured the endorsement but rivals Elizabeth Esty and Dan Roberti garnered enough delegate votes to force an August primary. has the details.

Roberti’s support that qualifies him for the primary is eye-opening. As the Hartford Courant’s Daniela Altimari reports, “Roberti’s supporters said he is the natural successor to Murphy, who has held the seat since 2006. Roberti, the son of a former state lawmaker from Kent, is a political newcomer who once ran a homeless shelter and provided disaster relief in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. When his mother was diagnosed with Stage 4 melanoma, he put off going to law school to care for her.”

The Republicans endorse a candidate from the 5th district Friday night.