Williams and Donovan to Meet to Try to Work Out Stalemate as State Loses More Jobs

State Senate President Don Williams and Speaker of the House Chris Donovan are meeting Friday to try to find a solution to the legislative impasse that resulted in neither leader seeing his top priority pass in the session that ended earlier this month.

The meeting and a solution to the standoff take on even more importance now that the state department of labor reported that Connecticut lost jobs in both March and April. At this point, any measure that creates jobs should be passed clean and without conditions.

Williams spent a great deal of time on his “Jobs Bill” and even made it Senate bill number one, indicating it was the Senate Democrats’ top priority. Donovan focused the last few months on an increase in the minimum wage. There isn’t enough support in the Democratic caucus so Williams didn’t bring it to the floor. Donovan countered by not taking up the jobs bill.

It’s unclear just what the solution might be. There is still not the support among Democratic senators for a minimum wage increase. Democrats tell The Hanging Shad that the jobs bill shouldn’t be connected to the minimum wage in any way.

Developments on the issue are piling up and they’re not helping the speaker. Gov. Dannel Malloy sides with Williams. Malloy says he supports Williams’ jobs bill. Then again, I wouldn’t sit Malloy next to Donovan at a dinner party. The standstill is also making some political trouble for Speaker Donovan who is running for Congress. One of his opponents in the August Democratic primary is slamming Donovan for stopping the jobs bill. Dan Roberti said in a new release, “During the past legislative session, Speaker Donovan’s stubborn stance on the minimum wage stymied an important initiative that would have jump-started job creation in the state.”