Rowland Now Doing Personal Appearances for WTIC Radio

WTIC-AM radio is going “all in” with former Gov. John Rowland. Rowland, whose afternoon radio show has stirred up controversy, is now doing personal appearances for the station. Saturday, Rowland is appearing at Sanford and Hawley, a company that sells building materials. The irony is not lost on The Shad. Rowland was forced from office in part because he accepted materials, labor and the famous hot tub from a construction company that received state contracts. Now his radio station is promoting him as a “personality” at a company that sells building materials.

Personal appearances are commonplace in the radio business. I did dozens of them when I was in radio. Usually, the client ponies up a good bit of cash to the personality. I don’t know what they are paying Rowland, who spent a year in prison for corruption, but about 10 years ago $100 per hour was the going rate. I’m sure it’s much more now.

The timing of Rowland appearance is curious. He and his radio show are in the middle of a controversy involving the 5th congressional district. After beating up her opponent on the air, it was revealed that he was “advising” the campaign of Lisa Wilson-Foley at the same time he was being paid as “consultant” by one of the businesses owned by Brian Foley, the candidate’s husband. Rowland has since said he’s stopped advising Wilson-Foley and won’t talk about the 5th district race. Makes for great radio when the hottest congressional race in the state is off limits to Rowland, eh?