McMahon, Roraback Prevail; Now it’s on to August

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As expected, former wrestling magnate Linda McMahon is now the Republican party-endorsed candidate for US Senate. She defeated former US Rep. Chris Shays by nearly 2 to 1. Shays says he will force a primary to be held August 14th. In a hotly contested race for the nomination for Congress from the 5th district, state Sen. Andrew Roraback won on the third ballot, beating three rivals. The three garnered enough votes to force a primary.

The support for McMahon was highly visible and organized at the Connecticut Convention Center in Hartford. From the party favors given to each delegate to the ballroom reception to the young people holding “Linda” signs, McMahon would clearly win. Appearing with McMahon was her husband, wrestling tycoon Vince as well as wrestler “Triple H” who is also the McMahons’ son-in-law. She ended up with about 60 percent. Shays got about 33 percent. The remaining delegates went to lesser-known candidates.


Shays continued to make the case that he is the only candidate who can beat US Rep. Chris Murphy, the Democratic-endorsed candidate (Murphy faces his own primary). The last Quinnipiac poll showed McMahon beating Shays in a primary but losing in a hypothetical match-up with Murphy. Shays is in a dead heat with Murphy according to the poll.

In the 5th congressional district—an open seat with Murphy running for the Senate—state Sen. Andrew Roraback bested Lisa Wilson-Foley, Mark Greenberg and Justin Bernier. All four easily got enough delegates to primary. Roraback, a well-respected, 18-year veteran of the state legislature, became a bit emotional after it was apparent he would get the nod.

All in all, the convention is seen by some as irrelevant since there will be a primary in August anyway. However, The Shad thinks the coming together of members of a party remains important. It was refreshing to see some hand-to-hand, face-to-face campaigning on the same day Facebook went public.

Now it’s on the August!