The Silly Season is in Full Swing

Well, that didn’t take long. We have a convicted state senator who has secured the endorsement of Bridgeport Democrats (natch) to reclaim his old seat. The Republican-endorsed candidate for US Senate is slapping around a Democratic candidate who is extremely unlikely to even face her. Meanwhile, the empire she boasts about building is threatening to sue a newspaper and its columnist. We have a Republican 5th congressional district candidate who entered into a troubling relationship with another convict, now a radio show host.


First, the state senator: My most stressful, angry and sad day I had in my career working for the state Senate Democrats was the day the FBI raided the offices Sen. Ernie Newton at the Capitol and legislative office building. Newton was in trouble and most people know the rest of the story. My contacts with Newton increased dramatically back then. As the communications director Newton wanted my help in handling the public relations. It was basically a case of me telling him, “Get your affairs together, take care of your family and call Willie Dow.” I was becoming increasingly uncomfortable talking to him. The sense of betrayal was significant.

The story of Republican US Senate Linda McMahon is bewildering. The WWE, the company she constantly tells voters she helped build, is threatening a libel lawsuit against the plain-spoken (and many times right on the money in The Shad’s view) Chris Powell and his newspaper, the Journal Inquirer. The WWE was the fatal noose around McMahon’s neck in her unsuccessful bid for the Senate against Richard Blumenthal. Why then, is the company threatening a fight with people who buy ink by the barrels—or in this day and age, using gigabytes?

In another strange develop, the WWE chose to highlight what Susan Bysiewicz said about McMahon at a debate. The company’s spokesman said Bysiewicz was being “dishonest and disingenuous.” Unless the wheels come off the Chris Murphy campaign bus, McMahon won’t even see Bysiewicz after August 14. One-day story turns into two—just add water.

Finally, Republican 5th congressional district candidate Lisa Wilson-Foley is suffering from her ill-fated connection to former Gov. John Rowland and Rowland simultaneous “consulting” contract with one her husband’s companies. The scuttlebutt on the floor of the GOP convention was Wilson-Foley lost votes in the fluid process because of her connection to Rowland. Of course, it may have helped her with the Waterbury delegation.

This will be a long, nasty summer in the Connecticut political world. Weird, but interesting nonetheless.