The Hanging Shad’s ‘Apropos of Nothing’

With the name directly ripped off from Boston Globe’s fine writer Nick Cardo, it’s time to clear off the desk with these random observations:

1. How long before Linda McMahon pulls one of these on Chris Shays (or JI chief and columnist Chris Powell for that matter?)

2. When I recently attended the state Republican convention recently, I noticed a sea of white faces. Every time I thought I saw a person of color, it turned out to be just another guy from Greenwich with a really, really good tan.

3. Oh yeah, approving that NStar-Northeast Utilities massive merger is turning out to be a great idea! One of the big questions was whether customer service would be affected by the new behemoth utility. In Connecticut, service can’t get any worse, in Boston, NStar is failing miserably as well.

4. The Red Sox are terrible so far this year. I have nothing clever to say here. But they are ruining my spring/summer.

5. I meet the most interesting people in the “green room” when I’m on TV doing political analysis. A Sports Illustrated supermodel; a guy who had just won one of those reality signing competition; a clown from the RinglingBrothers Circus who started in on how the animals are better taken of in the show than in zoos or even the wild. Sorry, Bozo. I just didn’t have the heart to tell you before you went on the air that I abhor the use of animals for entertainment in general. And I got a picture with him.


Never take yourself too seriously


6. It isn’t often that you see a live smack down between a highly respected journalist and a newsmaker. I thoroughly enjoyed the, “You’re ridiculous,”… “No, YOU’RE ridiculous!” confrontation between CNN’s Wolf Blitzer and Donald Trump.

7. My faith in the US Postal Service was seriously shaken this week. I sent my rent check to my building managers (I will switch to electronic payment soon. I just like the paper trail). When it got there, a corner of the envelope was torn and the check was missing. Naturally, I put a stop-payment on the check. A day later, I get an envelope with the USPS logo for a return address. In it was the missing check and nothing else—no letter, no explanation, not even a sticky note. I called the USPS for an explanation and was told someone would get back to me within four hours. That was a week and a half ago.

What happened next really started to get my “Irish up” as my grandmother used to say. The management people sent me my copy of the new lease. Problem was, in my mailbox was a completely torn open envelope from the landlord and nothing inside. Digging a little deeper in the box, under the latest pile of crap junk mail was the lease! Now, you don’t have to be Leroy Jethro Gibbs to figure out all signs point to the USPS for the blame; especially the mysterious returned check from them.


Hard to believe these guys are going under...

Hard to believe these guys are going under fast, eh? Now, I sit here waiting for that explanation call to come. There are some days when I really think I am being “punk’d.”