Donovan Official Aiding in the Fifth or Pleading it?

Instead of helping Chris Donovan run in the fifth, Robert Braddock, Jr. may be pleading it. The race for the open fifth district congressional seat is on its head as federal authorities arrested Braddock, finance chairman for Donovan’s congressional campaign. Braddock is charged with conspiracy in connection campaign contributions. The Hartford Courant’s Capitol Watch blog broke the story.

The Speaker of the Connecticut House of Representatives says he and the campaign are cooperating. He told the Meriden Record Journal, “I am cooperating fully with the investigation, which is on-going, as is my campaign,” Donovan said Thursday evening. “The campaign employees allegedly involved have been terminated, and the leadership of the campaign has changed. Tom Swan is joining the campaign, as campaign manager, effective immediately.”

That noise you hear is the other fifth district congressional campaigns scrambling to find out what’s next for the race. Donovan is the party-endorsed candidate. Fellow Democrats Elizabeth Esty and Dan Roberti were measured in their initial reaction. An Esty spokesman said in a statement, “These are very serious allegations that we expect will be thoroughly investigated.” Similarly, Roberti issued a short statement saying, “These allegations against Mr. Donovan’s campaign staff are very serious and we are sure the FBI will investigate this matter thoroughly. Our campaign does not wish to inflame any issues surrounding the investigation.”