Sunday’s state political shows were chock full of candidates for governor and they all seemed to come to the TV studios with the same strategy: Don’t take any chances, stake out new ground or even give any detail in the answers. In other words, play not to lose. Republicans Tom Foley and Michael Fedele along with Democrat Ned Lamont all did their level best not to say anything significant at all.

Lamont, as he often does, gave non-specific answers to questions of his choice, not the one being asked by the reporter. Leading in the polls among Democrats, Lamont’s approach makes sense—for now. Eventually, one would hope, he’ll have to avert his eyes from the headlights and give some specifics.

Foley on several occasions had to “correct” Stan Simpson, the affable host of “The Stan Simpson Show” on FOX-61 by saying he was a “turnaround guy” not a “takeover guy” as Simpson had called him; the latter apparently a pejorative term.

Speaking of FOX, Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour appeared on the national show “FOX News Sunday with Chris Wallace” and seemed to minimize the heartbreaking oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. In talking about what’s happening along the shorelines, Barbour dismissed the tar balls of oil that are now forming. “We don’t even bother closing the beaches when that happens. We just send someone out to pick them up and put them in a bag,” he said. Remind The Shad to cross off Mississippi as a possible summer vacation destination. No, it was never on the list nor will it be.