Donovan is McMahon’s Best Friend; RAW at the XL Center—Might we see Powell v. Big Show?

The political scene in Connecticut is at the very least, entertaining. The stories seem to write themselves. Here are some interesting, quirky observations:

• The Linda McMahon for US Senate campaign should be on its knees thanking the Lord for the Chris Donovan scandal. The Hartford Courant’s “Capitol Watch” broke the story that the Speaker of the House and congressional candidate’s campaign finance chairman was arrested amid an FBI undercover sting operation.

The arrest came just as McMahon was about to be in the spotlight for the preposterous claim that she didn’t know the WWE threatened to sue (Manchester) Journal Inquirer managing editor and columnist Chris Powell. McMahon claimed to have learned of the story by reading it in the paper. That’s laughable. The WWE is the empire McMahon built. Her husband, Vince, still runs the show. I guarantee the WWE doesn’t make a move without checking with the campaign. Which, of course, led to this.

A capitol insider rhetorically asked me who is more believable as it pertains to the claim, “I didn’t know!”—Linda McMahon or Chris Donovan? There are signs Donovan claim is true. McMahon’s is simply implausible. At times, she’s way out there with the Hubble.

• In a delicious bit of news from the “you can’t make this up” file, the WWE’s RAW show is coming to the XL Center in Hartford Monday. This is a big deal in the wrestling business. It’s not just a taping; it’s a three-hour Supershow! According to the email I received, “A SPECIAL 3 HOUR EDITION OF WWE RAW SUPERSHOW FEATURING ALL OF THE WWE SUPERSTARS FROM RAW AND SMACKDOWN! JOHN CENA FACES THE BIG SHOW AND JOHN LAURINAITIS IN THE BIGGEST HANDICAP MATCH IN WWE HISTORY!

My question is, will Chris Powell make a special, unannounced foray into the ring Monday night, don the tights and do throw a foreign substance into the face of say, Mr. McMahon himself?

Like I said, it’s always entertaining.

Your thoughts?

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  1. What’s laughable is your assertion that you “guarantee” that the WWE checks in with Linda McMahon’s campaign before doing anything. The Dems tried to assert that last time around (collusion) and that was disproven. Just because that assertion fits your story nicely doesn’t make it reasonably believeable. I have a hard time believing that Vince McMahon asks for his wife’s approval before making business decisions. Do you?

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