Still showing that he has weathered the Vietnam service controversy, Democrat Richard Blumenthal holds a 20-point lead over Republican Linda McMahon (55 – 35) in the latest Quinnipiac University poll out this morning. A nationwide controversy erupted last month when Blumenthal had to apologize for exaggerating his military service. He had said on several occasions that he served in Vietnam when he didn’t. In the last poll, done soon after the controversy, Blumenthal led 56 – 31. Attorney General Blumenthal also scored the highest in job approval with 73-percent.

If there is any good news for McMahon, it’s that she picked up five points on Blumenthal and her favorables is now higher than her negatives (38 to 35). McMahon still has a comfortable lead over fellow Republican Peter Schiff.

“Three weeks after the Vietnam flap, Attorney General Richard Blumenthal has lost a little more ground to Linda McMahon, but he still has a comfortable lead. Prior to the Vietnam controversy, Blumenthal led by 33 points. A week after the controversy, his lead was 25 points. Now it’s down to 20 points,” said Quinnipiac University Poll Director Douglas Schwartz, PhD.

Schwartz says results nationwide recently may hold some hope for McMahon. “In primaries across the country this week, Republican women soared. Can McMahon do the same in Connecticut? Like those who won on Tuesday night, she is a successful business woman running as an outsider. One difference, however, is that Connecticut voters have a negative view of the WWE and say that her experience as the World Wrestling Entertainment CEO makes them less likely to vote for her by about two-one margins.

“But McMahon must feel good that she has reversed her negative favorability rating,” he said.

In the Democratic primary for governor, Greenwich millionaire Ned Lamont still holds a double-digit lead over former Stamford Mayor Dan Malloy, 39 – 22 with 36-percent undecided. The key here is that Lamont has spent millions of his own money on TV ads while Malloy has spent very little and has qualified for public financing. Lamont has little to show for all his money and there is plenty of room for movement before the August 10 primary.

On the Republican side, there was very little movement with former Ambassador to Ireland Tom Foley leads with 39, Lt. Gov. Mike Fedele at 12 and economic development professional Oz Griebel at 2-percent. There is a whopping 44-percent undecided on the GOP side.

“Little or no movement in either primary for governor, as the best known candidates, Tom Foley and Ned Lamont continue to enjoy double digit leads. But with two months until the primaries, and the large undecided, there is still plenty of room for movement,” Schwartz said.