Rowland Right About Busway; Unions Right About Rowland

Labor union officials protesting the John Rowland radio show outside WTIC-AM studios Thursday leads The Hanging Shad to some interesting conclusions: (I hate to say it but) Rowland is likely right about the busway and union folks are right about Rowland and his show.

Let’s look at the busway first. Rowland has called it “the magic bus,” a boondoggle of immense proportions, a giveaway to labor unions that put Gov. Dannel Malloy over the finish line in the election. The Shad is on record with the position that Rowland is right, although not about the giveaway to labor. The Hartford Courant picked it up at the time.

In the bigger picture, labor leaders are right about John Rowland. On his radio show, the former governor can’t string two sentences together without distorting, obfuscating, misleading or flat-out lying about whatever subject he is talking about. Labor is also right in that Rowland won’t have as a guest any informed, thoughtful or articulate person who holds a differing opinion. His radio show is nothing more than an in-kind contribution to any and all Republican candidates for office. It’s rather pathetic.

Rowland doesn’t have los cajones to engage in a debate about the busway or anything else. And of course there’s that little problem of the two Federal Elections Commission complaints about him when he was secretly advising one candidate for Congress while slapping around her opponent on the air.

Rowland is a disgrace to talk radio.