Lieberman, on National TV, Calls for Independent Counsel to Investigate National Security Leaks

Saying the appointment of two US attorneys to investigate who leaked classified national security information “is not enough,” Connecticut US Sen. Joe Lieberman is calling for an independent special counsel to do the job. Appearing on FOX News Sunday, Lieberman said the leaks “compromised the security of every American.”

When asked by host Chris Wallace if a “special prosecutor” should be appointed, Lieberman said yes although he interestingly wouldn’t call it a “special prosecutor,” preferring to use the title “independent counsel” instead. Lieberman also said that if he was advising President Obama, he would urge Obama to sit down and submit to questions in the investigation as President Bush did in the Valerie Plame investigation.

Appearing with Lieberman was former CIA Director Gen. (retired) Michael Hayden. Hayden agreed with Lieberman on every point including the contention that the cyber attack on Iran’s nuclear program disclosed in the New York Times would “legitimize an Iranian response.”

Lieberman was careful to say that he has no reason to question the capability or integrity of the two US Attorneys named by US Attorney General Eric Holder but that any appearance of a conflict of interest would call into question any conclusion reached in the investigation. Lieberman said the special counsel law “was created for a situation just like this.”

Lieberman is a member of the US Senate’s Armed Services Committee. He is retiring at the end of this term.