No one expects a habitual criminal to be late for court because his Mensa meeting ran long. However, it takes a special kind of stupid or possibly perverse determination for someone to be arrested 40 times. That’s right, four—zero times. Such is the case with a Hebron man who was at Rockville Superior Court yesterday for a larceny charge for stealing a GPS unit. Thomas Peno thought it a good idea to drink a bottle of Vodka during a court recess, then break into cars parked in front of the courthouse, police said.
Judicial marshals took Peno into custody for being drunk and disorderly, police said. They then determined he matched the description of the man who was seen breaking into cars. Police said that about the same time, one of the car burglary victims walked into the courthouse and said someone broke into his car. At that point, Peno made a run for it and knocked down several people, police said.
Marshals stopped Peno and held him for police. When police led him out, Peno screamed at people in the courthouse and out front. “He’ll be going back to court [today] and won’t have the opportunity to break into any cars,” police Lt. Mel Hardy.