The Hanging Shad’s ‘Apropos of Nothing’

It’s been some time so here we go—a random collection of news, notes and commentary. As always, I invite readers to contribute.

1. After much hanging-wringing, consternation and continued protests by moronic students, Penn State took down the statue of pedophile-enabling football coach Joe Paterno. Shocking as it may seem there are plenty of trustees, students and alumni who still don’t get it. One trustee told ESPN’s “Outside the Lines” last week, “It has to stay up…We have to let a number of months pass, and we’ll address it again. But there is no way, no way. It’s just not coming down.” Guess again. Maybe they can sell the statue to these sycophants and give the proceeds to the victims. But only after they weld a blindfold over his eyes.

2. Ok, let’s lighten up. I think many Red Sox fans prefer to watch televised games on NESN instead of FOX which does some premier games. In one FOX game earlier this season, analyst Mitch “Wild Thing” Williams was trying to describe Atlanta Braves catcher Dan Ross as something of a tough guy. I almost choked on my pizza when I thought I heard Williams say about Ross, “Yup, he’s a real ‘a-holer.’” What? Someone in the production truck must have heard the same thing because after a few more pitches, Williams added, “Yup, he can really ‘haul hay.’” Whew. Nice save.

3. Might Mitt Romney being looking to the Granite State for a running mate? The rumor of the week is New Hampshire US Senator Kelly Ayotte. She seems to have the bio. She’s a former state prosecutor who lives in her hometown, is a mother of two and is married to a former Iraq war fighter pilot. Of course, it will invite comparisons to Sarah Palin. However, by all accounts, those attempts may fail.

The problem is, the wheels have come off the world: Tourists killed by terrorists in Belgium causing Iran and Israel edge closer to war; Syria killing its own people; horrid sex abuse at Penn State; unbearable tragedy in a movie theatre; political gridlock in Congress; Americans at odds over health care. I’d really like a proven leader. Then again, Ayotte has almost identical time in the Senate as a certain senator from Illinois had in 2008.