On the Radio, Rowland Treads Lightly on Donovan

“Awkward? Party of one?” That’s how listeners may have felt listening to former Gov. John Rowland talking about the latest developments in the federal investigation of state Speaker of the House Chris Donovan’s congressional campaign. Seven more people were arrested in the probe including former campaign manager Josh Nassi. Nassi and others pleaded not guilty in New Haven Federal Court Thursday afternoon.

Rowland approached the topic by simply asking his audience members what they thought Donovan should do. While his m.o. is to bash anything Democrat, Rowland offered no critique of the situation nor any criticism. Of course, that would be tough given that Rowland went to prison for corruption as the sitting governor of the state. Also, a federal criminal grand jury is reportedly now looking into his work as an “unpaid volunteer” for Republican candidate Lisa Wilson-Foley while being paid $30,000 as a “consultant” for a chain of rehab facilities owned by Wilson-Foley’s husband, Brian. Wilson-Foley is seeking the same seat as Donovan.

In a bizarro-world moment, a caller said that Donovan was one of the most corrupt and deceitful politicians the state’s ever seen. Really? How about the guy you’re talking to, caller?