FBI-Recorded Conversations Edge Scandal Closer to Donovan

I’ll be joining Logan Byrnes on the FOX Connecticut Morning News at 8:10 to talk about the political implications of these latest developments.

Eight people have now been charged stemming from the federal probe of the congressional campaign of state Speaker of the House Chris Donovan. Contained within the indictment are descriptions of wire-tapped conversations that seem to bring the situation closer to the speaker.

Potentially, the conversations between former campaign manager Josh Nassi and former union leader Ray Soucy could be the most damaging. Soucy and Nassi alternately tell each other according to the indictment, that Donovan is on board to kill legislation in return for campaign contributions. Nowhere is Donovan alleged to have talked to either Soucy or Nassi about any illegal activity directly. Nassi was among those pleading not guilty to corruption charges Thursday.

Donovan made a minute-long appearance before the capitol press corps in which he expressed anger that anyone could think they could buy his vote. He left without taking any questions.