McKinney, Subverted by Cafero, Calls for Donovan Probe

State Senate Minority Leader John McKinney wants a committee of inquiry to investigate Speaker of the House Chris Donovan as the growing campaign finance scandal reaches Donovan’s staff. But the call for a probe lacks power since House Minority Leader Larry Cafero apparently wants no part of it possibly because his own PAC got tainted money, possibly because he’s buddies with Donovan or both.

McKinney wants the committee to of inquiry appoint a special counsel with experience in federal criminal investigations to assist the inquiry. The special counsel would be granted subpoena power to maximize the committee’s potential to obtain critical information.

“Based on the new indictments, we now know that this conspiracy extended all the way to the most senior staff within the Speaker’s office,” McKinney said in a statement. “It involved, not just former Donovan policy advisor Josh Nassi, but at least one other senior level staff person who presumably still works in the Speaker’s legislative office. According to the Speaker’s own internal investigation, there also exists a list in Nassi’s handwriting of seven bills pending during the 2012 session, of which the ‘Roll Your Own Bill’ was just one. Now that staff people within the highest office of the Legislature have been implicated and it appears that many other bills may have been targeted, we as a legislature – both Republicans and Democrats – cannot turn a blind eye any longer.”

Cafero says such an inquiry is premature and referenced the case of former Senate Majority and all-around thug Lou DeLuca. Democrats won’t be jumping to act either. Cafero may be hesitant to act against Donovan since $5,000 of the FBI sting money ended up in the coffers of PACs controlled by House Republicans. Cafero is also famously chummy with Donovan.