GOP Wants to Run Against Donovan in 5th District

There is a buzz around the state capitol that Republican legislators who support Sen. Andrew Roraback held a meeting recently and came to the consensus that if Roraback wins the Republican primary, they’d prefer to run against embattled state Speaker of the House Chris Donovan rather than the other two Democrats in the race. Roraback wouldn’t deny that such a meeting took place (he says only that it wasn’t held at his headquarters) but says he is “chomping at the bit” to run against any Democrat that wins the primary.

There is the possibility that Roraback won’t get the opportunity to face Donovan as the walls seem to be closing in on the speaker. Indictments and arrests of some of his closest aides and allies could spell doom for him. The Hartford Courant has called for him to get out of the race. For some unknown reason, labor leaders continue to back Donovan although the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) seems unwilling to help bail the water that is sinking his campaign ship.

Roraback is the party-endorsed candidate and considered the favorite to win the primary. He and his backers are not necessarily looking past the primary but they have to consider what may be ahead. And they very much hope it’s a bruised and battered Donovan assuming he wins the Dem primary which is not a forgone conclusion. Both his rivals, Elizabeth Esty and Dan Roberti, are running hard and are not afraid to point out that Donovan would have an uphill battle in the general election as the cloud of the federal investigation hangs over him. Esty seems to be gaining momentum as she picked up the endorsement of the Courant based on her own qualifications.

Roraback tells The Hanging Shad that his supporters meet all the time. When asked directly whether state legislators got together and declared Donovan the preferred opponent, he said, “I’m enthusiastic about running against any of the Democrats [seeking their nomination]. Each would be a sharp contrast with my candidacy. Any one of them would be beholden to the Obama agenda.”