Roberti Brings in MLK III; Esty with ‘The Big Mo’

Democratic candidate for the 5th congressional district Dan Roberti Thursday brought in Martin Luther King, III to bolster his candidacy but it’s Elizabeth Esty that has the perfectly timed momentum in the race that also includes the scandal-plagued Speaker of the House Chris Donovan.

Esty is peaking at exactly the right time. She’s been endorsed by the Hartford Courant and the Torrington Register Citizen which has provided outstanding coverage of the race. She has also gone up with a TV ad that unlike Roberti’s, is positive. And she sees things breaking her way. “Anecdotally, there is huge movement [from Donovan to her] by voters in the final weeks. I got into this race because Washington is broken. We need a common sense approach. We need problem solving not the rejecting of ideas because they came from one party or the other.” Esty says she can best represent the district. “People are socially liberal and fiscally responsible,” she said.

When asked directly whether nominating Donovan would hurt the party’s chances of retaining the seat, Esty said simply, “Yes.” She added, “The Republican attack machine will have a field day [with Donovan’s problems].” The Courant has called on Donovan to get out of the race.

Meanwhile Roberti brought in another big name from the national scene. He has the strong support of Martin Luther King, III. MLK3 stopped short of endorsing Roberti because of the nonprofit, nonpartisan work he does. He did make it clear he supports Roberti citing the candidate’s work on social justice issues and voting rights. MLKK3 joins US Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-New York) and Patrick Kennedy, the former congressman from Rhode Island in support of Roberti’s candidacy