In this time of YouTube, video phones and general instant communications, we often get to see our elected officials at their worst; or their stupidest. Enter the nation’s lexicon US Rep. Bob Ethridge (D-NC). His actions speak for themselves as two students asked a simple question of Ethridge as he was headed to, well, not a Mensa meeting: . The students, you will notice, were polite above and beyond what would be expected in such a situation. Even when Ethridge got physical, the kids simply said, “Please take your hands off me, sir.”

Now people across the nation actually know who Bob Ethridge is. The video of his bullying actions has gone viral and pretty much forced him to apologize. “The truth is I had a long day, it was the end of the day, almost sunset,” he told reporters on Capitol Hill. “But that’s not the issue. The issue is I apologize for my actions and the people of North Carolina know me well and I apologize to these young men as well.”

The Shad abhors violence but had something like this happened to The Shad—a back bench congressman laying hands on and grabbing—it would be time to drop the Koho, lose the Easton gloves and knock Ethridge to the ice. Thanks for playing, congressman.