Last Minute Moves in the 5th: Bill Clinton Endorses Roberti; Donovan Hammered in Piece by House Member Supporting Esty

Join me Tuesday morning on FOX Connecticut’s “Morning News” as we kick off primary election day in Connecticut with the very latest on the campaigns’ last minute pitches for votes. That’s in the 8 a.m. hour with Erika Arias and Logan Byrnes. Tune in if you can!

This primary season is like no other in Connecticut with last minute maneuvering, money dumps and dueling messages. Monday, Democratic candidate for fifth district Congress Dan Roberti announced he has the endorsement of former President Bill Clinton touching off more speculation about Roberti’s father’s connections to the power players in Washington. Meanwhile, a member of the state House of Representatives has penned a stinging indictment of Speaker of the House Chris Donovan and in support of rival Elizabeth Esty.

Robert added Clinton to an impressive list of big name Democrats who support his first-time candidacy. Former US Rep. Patrick Kennedy, Congresswoman Carolyn Mahoney (D-New York), Martin Luther King III and Democratic strategist James Carville are all backing Roberti whose father, Vin, is a powerful Washington lobbyist. Clinton cited Roberti’s background as reason for his support. However, it’s that very background that has come under question in a recent article by the Hartford Courant.

Practically speaking the endorsement means little. Other than the news it may make on the last day before the election, it’s too late to use it in a TV ad or mail piece. The Clinton endorsement is sure to be seen as an honor for Roberti whose family is close to many DC insiders including House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.

Meanwhile, state Rep. Linda Schofield (D-Simsbury) skewers both Roberti and Donovan in an article for Foothills Media Group. The article is dated Aug. 9 but Monday it was featured in the top political aggregate website Schofield dismisses Roberti while lambasting Donovan and his staff.