The Hanging Shad’s ‘Apropos of Nothing’

Loving the feedback on this feature, The Hanging Shad presents ‘Apropos of Nothing.’ The title is stolen, er, borrowed from the great Boston Globe sports writer Nick Cafardo. It’s a random collection of thoughts and observations that I enjoy writing and I hope you enjoy reading.

1. The National Journal’s “Hotline on Call” wrote was I was thinking after reading about GOP US Senate candidate Linda McMahon’s guy rejecting opponent Chris Murphy’s call for an immediate debate on job creation. In a statement, campaign manager Cory Bliss said, “Chris Murphy’s embarrassing challenge doesn’t go nearly far enough. We propose four statewide debates – two of which must be focused entirely on the issue of job creation in Connecticut. Further, we demand that one of those jobs debates be located in Groton, home of Electric Boat, and focus on the evidence of Murphy’s dereliction on economic issues in Connecticut.” (Shad emphasis)

Just wondering how long Murphy had to deliberate about the challenge to debate on his “dereliction on economic issues in Connecticut.” Bliss may want to get some input from others before issuing statements that are silly.

2. So the Republicans chose New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie to give the keynote address at the party’s GOP convention later this month. There are many people who love his bombastic, tell-it-like-style. His convention speech may be entertaining but The Shad thinks Christie’s act got old right around the time Gov. Dannel Malloy schooled him on how to run a state government in tough economic times. (Yes, Connecticut will have a budget deficit at the next fiscal year’s end. But it’s fixable and Malloy managed to do it without vilifying state employees and slashing their jobs.) To me, Christie is just a pant-loaded blowhard who gets off belittling people. And if they want to wrap him in the American flag, they better borrow the one they unfurl on the Green Monster at Fenway. You can’t eat bacon at every meal, Mr. Governor. Can’t wait to hear him gasp for breath after every intended-to-be-clever line. Better close down the local all-you-eat specials at the Sizzler and Ponderosa.

3. If the national political campaign committees are going to get involved in Connecticut races, they should do their research and not immediately engage in misleading statements. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) wasted no time in labeling Republican congressional candidate Andrew Roraback a “Tea Party candidate.” Huh? Any fair reading of Roraback’s 18-year record in the General Assembly shows him to be a reliable, steady conservative. However, he doesn’t let partisanship get in the way of reaching across the aisle if it’s the best thing for his district. As we know, the Tea Party not only doesn’t reach across the aisle, it set up Jersey barriers to prevent anyone from crossing over for any reason. A “Tea Party” candidate Roraback is not.

4. I know the Olympics have been over for a week but apparently Shuttlecock-gate continues. The eight players from China, South Korea and Indonesia who got the boot for purposely losing games to set up easier matches in the late in the badminton tournament may face further sanctions from the Badminton World Federation. The biggest shock of all of this? That there actual exists a World Badminton Federation! If the WBF, as we in the know call it, really wanted to penalize the teams, they’d make them play with a hotdog in one hand and a beer chilling on the sidelines. That’s how we used to play and it was difficult.

5. Vice President Joe Biden should stick a sock in it. Like Chris Christie, you never know what he’s going to say. I just hope he doesn’t mention that he graduated from Syracuse. Alumni will cringe.

6. Republican vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan should see if he can do something about that Eddie Munster “widow’s peak.” It’s distracting when he is trying to totally mislead people about Medicare and Medicaid.