GOP Convention: Ryan Tells Us What He Thinks is Wrong But No Solutions; Rice Shines on Education

Republican vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan took to the GOP convention floor in Tampa Wednesday night and gave a speech about how awful the Obama administration is—lacking leadership, failing on the economy, not living up to promise, etc., etc. What he didn’t give people who may be sitting on the fence were any solutions to what he says are the problems.

Maybe that part comes Thursday night when Mitt Romney himself takes the stage. However, the view from here is that Ryan missed an opportunity to say what he is for instead of just what he is against. We’ve already seen this movie. In fact, we’ve been hearing about what’s wrong with the Obama administration since the start of the primary season nearly a year ago.

It was Condoleezza Rice who stole the show last night and actually addressed issues with some solution. Rice was right on the money when she said education is the civil rights issue of our time. She cited children—many of them minority—trapped in failing schools. The issue should resonate in Connecticut where the achievement gap is appalling. Maybe Rice should have been the main speaker as the VP nominee instead of Ryan

Your thoughts?

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