Traditional Town Fairs a Place for Community & Politics; East Windsor’s Bowza Working Hard for State Rep.

There is nothing quite like a traditional New England agricultural fair. It brings together communities in a fun and exciting way for both children and adults. Because of the time of year, the events also provide an opportunity for political candidates to get some face time with voters.

The Shad had the pleasure of attending the Four Town Fair in Somers Saturday. What a blast—there was livestock, homemade pies, a lego display and enough food to harden the arteries just by walking through. Political candidates were plentiful in both the parade and the fair itself. I heard US Sen. Richard Blumenthal, US Senate candidate Linda McMahon, state Sen. John Kissel and his challenger former state Rep. Karen Jarmoc were among those that made the Four Town scene. However, the only candidate I actually saw myself was Jason Bowza, the Democratic candidate for state Representative in the 57th district—East Windsor and Ellington.

Bowza is uniquely suited to serve in the state House. Bright, hard-working and familiar with the inner workings of the legislature, he’s worked in the trenches as a staffer for the state Senate Democrats. The Shad was once a senior staffer in that caucus and always admired Bowza for his conscientiousness and positive approach. He’d make a great state rep. He is challenging incumbent Republican Christopher Davis who is in his first term and who, I admit, I’ve never heard of.

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