In the wake of the conviction of Hartford Mayor Eddie Perez on five of six corruption charges and his subsequent announcement that he will resign, one could almost hear the exclamations across the state of Connecticut. “They’re all crooks!…They’re all corrupt!…”No wonder they call this ‘Corrupt-icut!’” The casual observer—OK, even the close observer—can’t be blamed. The names roll off the tongue like the nasty taste of spoiled milk: Rowland, Ganim, Newton, Silvester, Santapietro (twice), Giordano (the last being worse than they others in every way) and other lesser-known names. For a state its size, our Constitution State has had more than its share of corrupt and felonious elected officials.

But however hard it is to realize it, the “day after” the latest one going down, The Shad seriously feels the need to point what shouldn’t have to be pointed out—that there are many, many, hard-working, caring, loyal, selfless, in-it-for-the-right-reason elected officials in the state who shouldn’t be tarred with the broad brush of the guilty.