NED LAMONT ACCUSED OF ACCEPTING UNREPORTED CONTRIBUTION FROM…NED LAMONT’s Christine Stuart checks in this morning with an excellent story about a problem with multimillionaire and Democratic gubernatorial front-runner Lamont’s self-financed campaign.

Friday night (“Take Out the Trash” time in the news business), Lamont admitted that the campaign received more money—without reporting it—than the new public campaign finance system allows.

The campaign of rival Dan Malloy is claiming the Lamont campaign tried to a conceal $1 million donation from…Lamont.

“While you were sleeping on Friday night (okay, maybe only some of you were sleeping) Ned Lamont’s campaign tried to bury the fact that it had concealed a $1 million donation – a potential violation of campaign finance law – by releasing the news late in the evening when it hoped no one was paying attention. Unfortunately for Ned, not everyone was asleep, and some people were paying attention,” said Malloy campaign manager Dan Kelly.

The Lamont campaign said it wasn’t trying to conceal anything. reports that Lamont spokesperson Justine Session said, “Late last week, our campaign received contributions that will trigger the release of the last supplemental grant in the Democratic gubernatorial primary. Due to an inadvertent oversight, the report was not filed within 48 hours of the triggering event. When we discovered that error, we immediately contacted the SEEC and worked directly with them to file the report today.”

Lamont’s campaign spending is likely to trigger the additional $312,500 supplemental grant Malloy can receive under the program for the primary.