Murphy Paid Some Bills a Few Months Late, McMahon Stiffed Creditors Including Man Now 96; Now Says She’ll Pay, 40 Years Late

Even casual followers of the historic US Senate race in Connecticut are probably aware by now that Democrat Chris Murphy has had some trouble paying some bills on time. However, they may not know Republican Linda McMahon and her husband owed creditors about $1 million, filed bankruptcy and lost their home to foreclosure in the past. And while McMahon’s campaign manager says about half of those debts were paid, Mr. McMahon himself indicated the creditors were stiffed. Among them is a now-96 year old man. Whose personal finances were worse, Murphy’s or McMahon’s?


UPDATE: McMahon to pay: Murphy four months late, McMahon 40 years late.

As a former hard news reporter, The Shad is surprised that the Connecticut news media seems to be piling on Murphy while giving McMahon a pass. Thursday morning, no less than 10 headline links could be found above the masthead of, the aggregate news website of record in the state. All but one was about Murphy’s finances. The remaining one was about McMahon jobbing the old guy.

The Day of New London has done an excellent job of digging up documents that how the McMahon’s owed what would be nearly $4 million in today’s dollars. McMahon campaign manager and truth-a-phobe Corry Bliss claims the couple paid back about half the people they owed. Perhaps he should have rung up ol’ Vince who admitted in 2001, “…and finally, the banks wrote it all [the debt] off.”

Then there is the case of 96-year old former advertising guy Gerard Langeler. That information was courtsey of the Connecticut Post. It turns out the McMahons, who are worth an estimated $238 million, still owe Langeler $4,100 (and that’s without inflation or interest). He doesn’t expect to be paid. “I did my best to forget it.” Apparently, so did the McMahon’s. Bliss claims the couple never saw the bankruptcy documents. Please.

There’s no question the Murphy campaign could have handled all of this better and faster and Murphy himself could have paid a little more attention to her personal finances. But in the big picture, his situation pales in comparison to McMahon’s malfeasance.

If, God help us, this US Senate race is about who had the worse personal financial past, it’s clear the McMahons left a trail of unpaid creditors and shaky business dealings while Murphy paid some of his bills late.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Now we know She will never be Impeached. no matter what evidance is ou here for it. It sucks but Polatics will not allow the 1st woman speaker of the house to be impeached. I would prefer her to be sentanced to public Waterboarding evey time she tells a lie.

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