The phrase “leaving them hanging” certainly applies to Hartford Mayor Eddie Perez who was at work at city hall yesterday. Perez said Friday he would resign after a jury convicted him on five corruption charges. The lack of an actual resignation has turned into a media frenzy for city council members who are speculating as to what will happen if the mayor stays put and doesn’t move to leave office while he appeals the jury verdicts.

There is a human element to all of this. State Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, perhaps trying to appear tough on crime as he campaigns for the US Senate, is moving to revoke Perez’ s pension. It may seem like a no-brainer to some—he was corrupt and doesn’t deserve a pension paid for by the people of the city of Hartford. The Shad has a reputation of being a very moderate Democrat but in this case, I can sympathize with the argument that a pension revocation punishes the mayor’s family including his wife who has serious health problems and collapsed in the courtroom as the verdict was read.

Also part of the human element is the mayor’s staff including his talented Communications Director Sarah Barr. They simply don’t know what each day holds for them; whether they have a job or not. And of course Barr is constantly asked what the mayor’s plans are. She simply doesn’t have any more of an answer than the rest of us. A very sad situation indeed.