Her past just won’t go away and it will likely be the main reason she loses her bid for the US Senate (that, and the fact that she cut jobs despite her claim she created them). Republican Linda McMahon is fighting her WWE days yet again.

The widow of wrestler Owen Hart, who was killed in a 1999 stunt while performing for WWE, filed a lawsuit over the company’s continued use of Hart’s name and image. McMahon and her husband Vince are named in the lawsuit.

Martha Hart is demanding that WWE stop selling products featuring Hart. She is also seeking royalties from past uses of Hart’s image as well as other claims.

“I was shaken to learn earlier this year that they have been using Owen’s name and likeness in videos, websites, television programs and print material without my knowledge, much less my approval,” Martha Hart said Tuesday morning at a press conference in Hartford announcing the lawsuit. “In addition to being grossly insensitive to me and my children, it is in direct violation of the final contract Owen signed with the WWE before his death.”

The WWE says, “The lawsuit by Martha Hart is nothing more than pure political orchestration. This claim has nothing to do with the tragic accident in 1999. It pertains solely to the use of intellectual property, which is not typically brought to the media’s attention through a pre-emptive press release, a dedicated website and a press conference before the filing of the suit. This case has no more merit than the one Martha Hart unsuccessfully brought against WWE recently in Canada, which was dismissed and Mrs. Hart was ordered to pay WWE’s counsel fees.”

Hart said she has interest in Connecticut’s high-profile U.S. Senate race.