Party-endorsed candidate for governor Dan Malloy succeed last night in showing that his experience and leadership trumps Ned Lamont’s money in the race for the Democratic nomination. NBC Connecticut (Channel 30) hosted the first one-on-one debate with anchor Gerry Brooks moderating and anchor Lisa Carberg with political reporter Tom Monahan posing the questions.

While there were no knockout punches, Malloy was able to give specifics on questions about education, state spending and tax policy. Lamont was vague and used general slogans in his answers.

Malloy was also able to quote numbers showing a success story in Stamford where he was mayor while pointing out Lamont is a failed US Senate candidate and even a failed state Senate candidate.

Both candidates said they are strong believers in local control of education and do not favor any type of state takeover of the public schools or vouchers that would allow children from low-income families to obtain scholarships to attend private schools.

Lamont said he would bring his business experience to the governor’s office and said he would find savings in the big money pots of health care, computers, and the state Department of Motor Vehicles.

Malloy repeatedly touted his 14-year record as Stamford’s mayor. He said his biggest difference with Lamont is that he has done the job of being a chief executive.

One thing is clear: Lamont still has the deer-in-the-headlights look.