FOX News’ Wallace Floats Lieberman as Next Head of Defense, State or CIA

Connecticut US Sen. Joe Lieberman was a featured guest on “FOX News Sunday” with Chris Wallace. What he had to say about the Petraeus affair, Benghazi and other foreign policy issues wasn’t anything remarkable. However, it was interesting when, at the end of the interview, host Wallace floated Lieberman’s name as the next Secretary of Defense or State, or even the new chief of the CIA.

Lieberman gave the correct, boilerplate answer. “The answer is—no. There have been no talks [with the Obama administration regarding the positions]. Second, it’s not what I’m planning for the next chapter of my life. But, really, as I’ve always said before when it has come up, when a President of the United States, asks to you serve your country that I love, and, believe in so deeply, you’ve got to give it serious consideration. But, I’m not waiting by the phone. I don’t expect the call.”

Appearing with Lieberman in the segment was Saxby Chambliss (R-Georgia). Chambliss didn’t hesitate to weigh in on a new position for Lieberman. “He’s got my vote for confirmation, on any of the above. We’re going to miss this guy, Chris.”

Wallace seemed intent on keeping the Lieberman-for-a-new-post conversation alive. “Well, let me just say, ‘Senator’ Lieberman, no more but you may be back here in a few months as Secretary Lieberman.”

For what it’s worth, a Lieberman appointment seems unlikely. First, as Wallace pointed out before his suck-up-fest, Lieberman and Obama “aren’t that close.” That’s putting it mildly. They simply don’t like each other. As a politically astute friend of mine points out, if Obama wants to show a bipartisan streak as far as foreign policy, he’d be more likely to just appoint a Republican that he actually likes—perhaps a Chuck Hagel or Richard Lugar-type.

Yet Lieberman clearly appreciated Wallace’s speculation. “[An Obama administration post] would surprise me. But it would always be good to be with you on the ‘fair and balanced’ Fox Sunday show.” This of course made The Shad choke on a tomato and cheese omelet.

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