Not the Way We Wanted to See Our Leaders on National TV

They there were standing behind Gov. Dannel Malloy as he spoke in Newtown shortly after the governor met with the families of the victims—US Senator-elect Chris Murphy, Lt. Gov. Nancy Wyman, state Sen. John McKinney and others. They were on national television with their grief showing on their faces. It was more than strange to see people I know personally being seen across the country and even across the world.

This is not the way we want to see our leaders get national exposure. Gov. Malloy was on every Sunday morning political show with the exception of FOX News Sunday which went with Sen. Joe Lieberman. The strain of the situation and probable no sleep on the part of Malloy was evident. His appearance on “Meet the Press” was scattered and halting. He understandably struggled to get out any point he was trying to make.

The professionalism of State Police Spokesman J. Paul Vance shined. Lt. Vance handled the media brilliantly as he always does. His combination of placating the press and setting the rules and guidelines couldn’t have been better.

Unfortunately, there will be more of these media appearances going forward. Our leaders take center stage in a situation they’d rather not.

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