Boughton Certainly Sounds Like a Candidate

Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton, considered by many to be running for governor in 2014, should simply announce he’s seeking the Republican nomination—just about everything he says points to a run. Most recently, Boughton took exception to remarks by fellow Republican Tom Foley, defeated by Gov. Dannel Malloy in 2010, saying he is running again. Specifically, Boughton didn’t like Foley saying on WFSB’s “Face the State” that he might have won if he had a woman on the ticket. It’s no wonder Boughton was offended, he was the guy actually on the ticket with Foley.

Boughton would make a good candidate but like so many other long-time incumbants in any office, there is a certain arrogance seeping into his approach. Boughton took to social media to tell Foley, “Trust me Tom, not having a woman on your ticket was the least of your problems…” He’s right. The major problem Foley had was getting swamped in the state’s cities even when winning most of the state.

The people of Danbury love Boughton but they’d be best to expect a short-tempered exchange if they criticize him. In the Facebook forum where Boughton talks about a possible run, The Shad made the observation that it will be an uphill battle for Boughton or any other GOP candidate to wrest the nomination from Foley. The Greenwich millionaire nearly beat Malloy even with a whacky situation in Bridgeport where they ran out of ballots and used the reverse 911 system to tell people they could still vote. Boughton didn’t like my analysis. “Ahh I see Pat.. Votes and things like that don’t matter. Stick to the Democrats..,” he wrote. Not a chance, Mr. Mayor. This is what I do for a living. And you won’t win any votes with sarcasm. Less time on Facebook and more time in parts of the state where people have no idea who you are would be a good start.

While you’re at it, you might want to come up with explanations as to why you thought Linda McMahon (US Senate) and Lisa Wilson-Foley (Congress) were in any way qualified to hold the offices they sought. The voters certainly didn’t think so.

I spent this past election night in the studios of NBC Connecticut with Mayor Boughton, talking about the races as the returns came in. I like Boughton. He’s smart, funny and engaging. But he also doesn’t seem to think the state is bigger than Danbury. He’s do well to get a thicker skin.