GOP GUBERNATORIAL CANDIDATE CALLS FOR BIENNIAL LEGISLATURE reports that Republican candidate for governor Oz Griebel is calling for the state legislature to meet only every two years, not every year as it currently does. Griebel, who is in single digits in the polls for the Republican nomination, says the change would create a sense of urgency currently lacking in the General Assembly, particularly with the budget. “There’s a need for urgency to do the state’s business,” Griebel said. “When you can procrastinate you’re not forced to come to an agreement.”

The Shad worked for the state Senate Democrats for five years and thinks that while Griebel is on the money with the “lack of urgency” observation, a biennial state legislature probably could not practically work because the state budget needs to be adjusted to address an ever-changing economic climate. The Shad has also only half-jokingly suggested a unicameral legislature might not be a bad idea either. It works in Nebraska.