McDonald Nomination Sails through Judiciary Committee

Former state Senator and Malloy administration legal counsel Andrew McDonald is another step closer to the Connecticut Supreme Court, breezing through the legislature’s judiciary committee. The committee, which McDonald chaired for years, voted 42 to 2 in favor. The much-talk-about parade of people opposing McDonald never materialized.

McDonald, who would be the first openly gay state Supreme Court Justice, handled questions about a controversial bill he authored with ease. The bill, requested by Catholic constituents in 2009, would have changed the way the Catholic Church’s parishes handled their finances. Controversy erupted with thousands of protestors descending on the capital. McDonald quickly withdrew the bill. One internet radio host was even charged with threatening the lives of McDonald and his co-chair state Rep. Mike Lawlor.

McDonald put the controversial proposal in context and explained the long history of state law on corporate organizational issues. He told the committee he wished he had reached out to the Catholic hierarchy before offering the proposal. He noted that he is a member of the Catholic Church himself.

The two committee members who voted against McDonald’s nomination were right-winger Sen. Michael McLachlan (who once introduced a “birther” bill) and Rep. Al Aldonifi, whose wacky statements and positions are so numerous people at the capital—including fellow Republicans—have long ago stopped trying to figure him out.

McDonald’s nomination now moves to the full legislature for consideration. He is expected to be easily confirmed.