The Hanging Shad’s ‘Apropos of Nothing’

zamboni water

Things have been piling up…

Just sitting and waiting for the New England Patriots to rock Foxboro Sunday night. After Peyton Manning and RG-Knee, can we agree Brady is the best?

Sorry, but hockey players remain the toughest athletes. The Bruins’ Adam McQuaid underwent surgery a couple of weeks ago to relieve a blot clot. He’s back in training camp and will be ready for the season opener Saturday.  It reminds me of the time I saw the Bruins play the Whalers (yes, in Hartford) and center (and now Washington coach) Adam Oates took a puck in the mouth during warm-ups. He received 12 stiches inside and outside of his mouth. He returned for the opening drop of the puck. ‘Nough said. There is nothing like the crisp sound and smell of a skate scraping into the ice.

The best show on TV is Parenthood.

I always look to see if I actually viewed any of the movies nominated for Best Picture—usually, not.  But this year, I saw Argo and Lincoln. Both were great but given the historical inaccuracies of Lincoln, I’ll go with Argo.

I watched the nomination hearing of my friend, Andrew McDonald, for a seat on the state Supreme Court. As expected, he aquitted himself quite well. Unfortunately, these hearings are a free-for-all against nominees. I know Robert Resha from 25 years ago and although I haven’t spoken to him in many years, he is a man of the highest integrity. Sad to see him demeaned by some nutbar. He’s the best. And he was approved.

From my Sigma Chi brother (Psi, Psi, Syracuse) and comedian John Alston:

Lance Armstrong has admitted to Oprah Winfrey that he can’t find the OWN network anywhere on his cable system.

There has been a rash of nasty letters written by kids who saw The Texas Chain Letter Massacre.

Um, the definition of TMI is Al Roker telling us…well…whatever.