CT-N to Carry LIVE Sandy Hook Advisory Commission Meeting and Legislative Task Force on Gun Violence and Children’s Safety Forum

With the nation’s eyes watching, the Connecticut Network (CT-N) will carry live the upcoming work of two panels formed to come up with recommendations to address the issues still in the post-Newtown spotlight.

One can watch Gov. Dannel Malloy’s Sandy Hook Advisory Commission’s first meeting Thursday tomorrow at 10:30 either on CT-N (channel 13 on most cable systems) or on CT-N.com.

Malloy formed the commission to report back recommendations for a comprehensive package of reforms and legislative proposals. The commission is chaired by Hamden Mayor Scott Jackson. The panel is to report back in March.

Looking to act much sooner is the legislature’s bipartisan Task Force on Gun Violence and Children’s Safety. The group’s school security subcommittee will hold an informational forum Friday morning at 9:30. CT-N will carry that hearing live as well. Subsequent forums will be held by the gun violence subcommittee (Monday, Jan. 28) and by the school security subcommittee (Tuesday, Jan 29). The full task force will meet in Newtown, Wednesday, Jan. 30.

As The Hanging Shad previously reported, the task force is supposed to report out recommendations for new legislation to be acted on by the end of February. Legislative leaders plan to act without the regular committee process by putting the resulting bill in an “emergency certification.”