Rowland Impressively Whacks Whack-Job Martha Dean

On his radio show Wednesday, former Gov. John Rowland stood up to nut bar and former GOP candidate for state attorney general Martha Dean. The Shad has been highly critical of Rowland since the former gov started his radio show but I was simply impressed by his calling out of Martha Dean, the heat-packing, NRA pawn who is near certifiable.

Rowland allowed Dean an in-studio interview and wouldn’t let her get away with her nonsensical answers as to why she posted the Newtown Conspiracy Theory video. (Lusitania? Lincoln? Jesse Duff?)

I generally think Rowland doesn’t deserve a radio show, still has ethical challenges to deal with, and is just boring radio, but he opened it up remarkably and memorably in challenging Dean, who is cray-cray. WTIC-AM and Rowland devoted nearly 40 minutes to grilling Dean—the best they’ve done.

Kudos to Rowland for coming through with an impressive interview.