The Republican and Democratic candidates for governor have been firing prepared statements, calls for action and criticism by news release at each other lately but when they had a chance to stand next to each other there was very little of that.

All five candidates for governor—Tom Foley, Michael Fedele and Oz Griebel for the GOP; and Ned Lamont and Dan Malloy for the Democrats—appeared at a forum yesterday sponsored by the Stamford Chamber of Commerce.

A backdrop for the Dems is the argument over whether Malloy actually helped create 5,000 jobs in Stamford during his tenure as mayor (Lamont says he didn’t and wants Malloy to pull his campaign ad making the claim; Malloy stands by the claim). And for the Republicans, it’s the call by the two lagging in the polls (Fedele and Griebel) for the frontrunner (Foley) to “come clean” about two arrests in his past—one allegedly dealing with domestic violence, according to reports.

But things were fairly civil in yesterday’s chamber forum with each candidate staking out the position that creating jobs is job one. Hopefully for those of us watching at home, there will soon be more bomb-throwing outside of news releases.